How to parse XML with muti-occurance elements

I have an XML structure something like:
-order detail
-order item*

order item can be repeated for any number of times. I need to map this xml to a doc-type. In the doctype, I define order_detail as a struct, and order_item as an array of struc.

When I do the mapping, how should I tell webMethod EI that order_item will occur mutiple times?

Thank you.

If you are using the XML Adapter it will setup an output document automatically for you when it reads the DTD or Schema of your XML. From what you have stated you are setup correctly by having order_item be an array of structs. EI will then handle the multiples. Are you going to be parsing the XML yourself and populating a document?

I am parsing the XML with an XMLParse operation. Even though there are multiple occurance of element (item) within my xml, I am leaving the recursive level as 0. It does not seem to give me any problem with that.

However, I notice every time I modify the dtd, for example, changing an element from single to multiple occurrance by adding an * to its right, the XMLParse operation will give me problem and the only way I can fix the problem is to delete and redo the operation. But my XML file is pretty large and it is quite tiring to click the mouse 50 to 100 times to check the use checkbox. Is there any better way?