How to parse data from a webpage

webMethods environment is IS6.0, TN6.0, Developer 6.0

Thers is a webpage in the intranet e.g http:/test.html

Using the url, how webMethods can parse the data

There is no access to other data source like the application server or database which the webpage is using.

Could someone help me to accomplish the goal.

Thank you.

Or you can use pub.client:http to do that low level HTTP and URL stuff for your or it’s wrapper service pub.xml:loadXMLNode, which will parse the XML/HTML for you. The Integration Server parser does a lot of work to handle bad HTML (since most HTML is not legal XML) nicely.

You can get at the contents of the doc using the other pub.xml services.


Rohit/Fred…thank you very much for the suggestions…i will try implementing it and let you guys know how it goes.