How to only update values, not to add new instances?

I would like to send XML file to the Tamino database in order to only update values of defined in my schema elements. I don’t want to add new instances but only update values.
How can I configure database to achive such result?


well, if you want to replace a whole document, this can be done using the _process command with palin URL addressing (giving ino:id or ino:docname of the document to be updated). if you want to do something like the following: database contains
you send
and expect the database to contain
afterwards - this cannot be done easily.
You have several options if you want to achieve this behaviour:

  • send an XQuery update instead
    for $d in input()/Root do update
    replace $d/E1/text() by “x”)
    (maybe one can even find a generic formulation in XQuery)
  • implement a trigger that does the action when the “change document” is stored