How to only update values, not to add new instances?

I would like to send XML file to the Tamino database in order to only update values of defined in my schema elements. I don’t want to add new instances but only update values.
How can I configure database to achive such result?



By what I understand from your query, you would like to update certain values in an instance that is already inserted in Tamino; and you do NOT want that the instance, with the new values, is added as a new instance, but the previously inserted instance in Tamino be updated with the new values.

Did I understand the your problem properly? Otherwise, please provide a few details regarding your problem.


Yes, you are right, it’s exactly what I want.
What do you think about this?


you should use XQuery with the Tamino specific update extensions.
You may check the first steps in the “XQuery 4 User Guide” for some
simple examples.

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You can also use the “Update Instance” feature of Tamino X-Plorer to update the instance.

You will find the documentation to do the same at the following location :

Tamino XML Server Documentation
→ Tamino X-Plorer
→ General Commands for Managing Different Types of Objects
→ Updating a Schema or Instance