How to monitor the set of IS services in BAM/Optimize

Hi All,

I want to check the execution count of IS services through BAM on specific period of time (ex: 7days, monthly). To to do that I have added my IS details in the Discovery page. Then navigated to Monitored components -->IS service (component type) and then added my service in the Add components table ( box), added the Cumulative count KPI in the Add KPI table(box). Then I navigated to Overview configuration page and created a Configuration by adding the same KPI(Cumulative Count KPI). After that I ran my IS service and verified the Count in the Analytics overview page. Now I want to check the execution count for set of services.(ex: 20 services).

If I add my new services list in the Monitored Components–>Is service–> Add component table is it enough or i have to created the same steps again and again.

Please help me.