How to modify the data type of a column before insert action in database

Hello Team,

I am working with Database connector and have a column have type date in database.
I want to be able to first convert the value to java.sql.Date before the insert is being done in database. I have opened the view where the table has been inserted but in the java code I see getter and setter methods for the database connector [Please see below].

I do not see how the values from the web page is being passed to the database connector. Can anyone help me on this issue?
I am getting the error due to the value displayed on my web page cannot be converted to java.sql.Date when i click on Aapply Changes.

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot convert 2012/12/31 2:00 AM of type class java.util.Date to class java.sql.Date

public class TestView  extends   com.webmethods.caf.faces.bean.BaseWebPageBean {

	 * Determines if a de-serialized file is compatible with this class.
	 * Maintainers must change this value if and only if the new version
	 * of this class is not compatible with old versions. See Sun docs
	 * for <a href=> 
	 * details. </a>
	private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
	private static final String[][] INITIALIZE_PROPERTY_BINDINGS = new String[][] {
	private com.webmethods.caf.Aa_error_test aa_error_test = null;
	private newDatabaseConnector = null;
	private static final String[][] NEWDATABASECONNECTOR_PROPERTY_BINDINGS = new String[][] {
		{"#{newDatabaseConnector.rowSet}", "#{NewDatabaseConnectorRowSet}"},
		{"#{newDatabaseConnector.expireWithPageFlow}", "true"},
	 * Initialize page
	public String initialize() {
		try {
		    resolveDataBinding(INITIALIZE_PROPERTY_BINDINGS, null, "initialize", true, false);

			return OUTCOME_OK;
		} catch (Exception e) {
			return OUTCOME_ERROR; 

	public com.webmethods.caf.Aa_error_test getAa_error_test()  {
		if (aa_error_test == null) {
		    aa_error_test = (com.webmethods.caf.Aa_error_test)resolveExpression("#{Aa_error_test}");
		return aa_error_test;

	public getNewDatabaseConnector()  {
		if (newDatabaseConnector == null) {
		    newDatabaseConnector = ("#{NewDatabaseConnector}");
	    resolveDataBinding(NEWDATABASECONNECTOR_PROPERTY_BINDINGS, newDatabaseConnector, "newDatabaseConnector", false, false);
		return newDatabaseConnector;

	public void setNewDatabaseConnector( newDatabaseConnector)  {
		this.newDatabaseConnector = newDatabaseConnector;


Try this format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss