How to Migrate Delta Data from Live DB(10.3) to Clone DB(10.7) once upgrade is successful in 10.7

Hi All

We are following the below approach for upgrade from 10.3 to 10.7
As currently we are trying the following approach:-

  1. Create Clone DB of Live Database.
  2. Start installation on same host, with different Port and different folder structure, after taking backup of existing VM.
  3. Perform Sanity of all the Tools.
    4.Migrate Delta data from Live DB to Clone DB and make Clone DB live.

The exact steps/process we are looking are for:- “As this installation on new clone db might take time(n days), Delta data will be generated on Live DB(10.3) meanwhile, which we would like to migrate to Clone DB(10.7) once upgrade is done.”


Hi Manali

Usually delta or incremental changes can be applied by using replication which will perform “Change Data Capture” and read transaction log files of the source database . These changes can be applied in same commit order in

replica database to maintain consistency. However if you want to upgrade one of the database version from WM 10.3 to WM 10.7 , replication will break due to incompatible schemas.

It is only possible to apply delta changes if there is no schema change between the two versions



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