How to make webMethods IS and repository server start automatically with HP-UX reboot


I am using HP-UX v11.23.Because I don’t have some experience on Unix,so please tell me how to make webMethods IS start automatically after HP-UX rebooted.

Because our B2Bi system is a two-server cluster on Unix server,so similarly,I have to make repository server start with webMethods IS.

Any input will be appreciated.Thank you.


In our B2B environment we have 2 Internal servers and 2 RI servers in DMZ running on webMethods 6.1.

I have written a script to start the repository servers and all IS in our environment. I am attaching the same for you in zip file. You have to change it as per you requirements.

The script uses “IntegrationServerShutdown.class” to start the servers that needs to be in the classpath of the server also added in the zip.

You can get the script scheduled in the server startup by your system administrator.


In Solaris there are specific folders that are the startup of the servers (like the startup folder in windows)

All the scripts that are in this folder and have an “S” as the first letter of the name, will start when the machine starts

like S45broker65
So in solaris just make a script to start the IS and put on this folder

Note: In HP should be the same ( similar folder)
Hoep this helps