How to make copy of old package without having references from old package ?

I have an existing package with some services, now I want to copy this package & want to made change in some services.

To do this I had tried to copy - paste the existing package to new one.
But in this process the new package service has references to old package .

As an example, I have a Service A & service logger (user defined) in old package and logger service is being referenced in service A.

In actual service A there are number of references to old package services.

I had tried with Export utiltiy in WM client, but there is no such export option.
And I do have access of only WM client & not the WM server.

Can someone help me ?


There’s a way around this but it would require you to have access to the webM Admin page (specifically - you will need access to Package Management section of the Administrator) and write permission on /IntegrationServer/replicate directory on the filesystem where webM IS is installed. Let’s assume you have a package PackageA that has a top level folder - A (I usually create a top level folder with the same name as the package itself, if you too follow such namespace, this excercise would be easier). Now in order to make a copy of PackageA such that none of the services in the resulting package - PackageB refer to any service/document in the original package, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the webM Admin page ->Packages-> Publishing.
  2. Create a release of PackageA as a patch. **You can release a package as a patch by setting ‘Release Type’ radio button to ‘Patch’, in the ‘Create/Delete Releases’ page.
  3. While creating Release, select everything that is in the folder A.
  4. In the Developer, rename the folder A to B.
  5. Now place the zip file of PackageA (created thru patch release) into the replicate/inbound folder of the server.
  6. Go to the Admin page again - Packages->Management->Install Inbound Releases, and install the PackageA.

Once PackageA is installed, and activated, it will have two folders - A and B. You can now create a new package - PackageB in Developer, then cut and paste folder B from PackageA to PackageB.

PS: If there was some other package that was dependent on the services in PackageA, and you want these dependencies to change too to PackageB, then select ‘Update References’ when prompted for while renaming folder A to folder B, else, select ‘Ignore’.

HTH, Rohit

Hi Amit,
With out Admin rights to IS can’t do this activities.So try to get Admin rights to IS then go to IS package management there you could see options.