How to log the SOAP Request and Response in seperate file ?

Hi All,
we are logging the soap request and response into server.log file, but at the end of the day it is getting huge amount size, and it might be the causes to some other issues.

So we would like place the soap request and responses in some other file/files.

Is there any chance to catch up the soap request and response in IS level ?


You can write a custom logger framework, where application level logs are captured in those files. But why do you want to log the entire soap request/response? Unique field or something specific to the message is not sufficient?


Thanks for Quick reply.

custom logger framework in the sense we can prepare the soap request by using built in services ? But Do we make it out what we are getting the exact soap request including the name spaces also from the client ?

Actually we would like to place the soap request and as well as response into separate files but not in server.log files, we are facing lot of issues with server.log here we are placing the request and response to server.log file.

Actual plan is to redirect the requests and responses into other files based on the interface level.

Please suggest me to achieve this task.


I have few WSDLs consumers and I have created the services using them. Now I am creating again WSDLs provider for those services. The problem is that I am getting few WSDLs with SOAP 1.1 and few with 1.2. Few are working with 1.1 and few with 1.2. Any input appreciated.