How to log the IP client


Is there a way in the “IS logging” options, to activate a level or flag that write in logs the IP of clients that call my web services please ?

(I have developed a service flow which does it, but I need to know if the IS’s traces does too ?)



It is not on the server log but on the session log.

You could increase the log level of the server log but that would be too noisy.

The service log will give you a correspondence between users and services called.

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Thanks you Gerardo.
Hum… you’re right, the session are the best way… I’ve missed this evident way… :roll:


HI Cedric,

or you can try to use the Build-In-Service getTransportInfo.

See IS Build-In-Services Guide for further informations.

Then you can build up your own log message for the server log.


I would also suggest to check the security logs on IS admin console. Make sure you enable the security logging to see messages on Security logs.


In java, I did not use the Build-In-Service getTransportInfo, but this line :

Is it working in the same way ?

Thanks M@he$h, you’re right my security logging option was disabled.