how to invoke web service in

Making use of a webhook, we can invoke a REST service, how to invoke a web service in workflow

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You can create a SOAP webservice application for this.

Thank you, do we have a connector for this or do I need to create a flow service in flow editor. If it’s a flow service in flow editor, I’m unable to drag REST or soap options which are under Applications to my flow area. Can you kindly advice.

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You have to create flow service as of today, but we have this item on roadmap for workflows

Thank you, I am not able to drag soap action in the flow editor, can you please share some screenshots with details with which I can understand easily.

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On the left hand panel, you can pick SOAP -> Application created.

Thank you. I have created a service under SOAP API’s. But when I click on SOAP action in flow editor, it’s not listing. Am I missing something here to get it listed in flow editor. Kindly suggest.

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i can show you how its done, you might be missing something, Can we speak after sometime?

Thanks. In betwen, it would be good if you provide a doc with step by step image with which even others also can get assistance.

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Can someone assist me on this ?


please look here: for incoming web calls.
For outgoing calls, when no Connector is available, you can use HTTP connector, node.js or the Integration Flow level like explained here: and
and here

This is an very detailed explanation. If needed let us know your questions.

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Thank you for your information. I will go through these and update.

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