how to invoke web service from CAF

hi all,
i have an webservice connector of flow services, it gives street and place details as an output and postcode,house number is the inputs,from user interface after entering the house number in textinput control may be on blur of this control, i need to invoke the webservce and should result the street and place, pls sugget me how can ivoke the webservice from textinput field.

anil kumar e

Hi Anil,

Drag and drop an Async Hidden Command on to the canvas and to the action property bind the java method which performs the webservice call and returns you the results.
Now go to the Client-side events panel of the Text Input properties. In the blur event add script to invoke the async hidden command added above.
replace the with the async hidden command control id

. Create a development component (DC) of type Composite Application and enter the following project details:
Name: es_service_test
Caption: ES Service in CAF
More information about DC configuration: Creating Composite Application Development Components
2. Configure the connection of your SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio to the ES Workplace Services Registry.
a. Configure the connection to the Service Registry under Windows ® Preferences ® Web Services ® Service Registry and enter the following details:
■ enter in the Server field
■ enter 80 in the Port field
■ choose Apply
b. If you use proxy, configure the proxy settings under Windows ® Preferences ® General ® Network Connections:
Proxy host: proxy
Proxy port: 8080
3. Locate and import the required Web service as an external service.

In this tutorial, you need to import the CustomerBasicDataByIDQueryResponse_In service defined for the Customer business object. It is designed to read customer basic data by ID.
More information: Importing the Web Service
4. Create an application service, map it to the external service automatically or manually, and modify it according to your specific requirements.
More information: Creating and Modifying the Application Service
5. Save, generate, build and deploy the application by choosing the relevant options from the project’s context menu.
Make sure you have configured access to a running AS Java and that you have the required user permissions for deployment.
More information about AS Java configuration: Configuring the Application Server in the Developer Studio
6. Make the relevant configuration at runtime.
More information: Configuring Web Service Clients to Connect to a Provider System
7. Test the service.
More information: Testing the Application Service

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