How to Invoke IS Service from dsp pages


I have one service “deleteAck” which is used to delete the table entries. I have to invoke this service from a html/dsp page.

I have written one dsp page like below.

<title>Order Tracking System</title>
%invoke Wipro_SO.util:deleteAck%

When I request this DSP like http:\
This is working fine. Means it is executing the service “deleteAck”.

But when I try to create a html/dsp page(new.dsp) which contains one button called "“DeleteACK Table”, which in turn invokes the deleteack.dsp
on action, it is not working.i.e It is not executing the service.
Can any of u pls help me in this?

I have attached both the files for reference.

deleteack.dsp (0.1 k)

new.dsp (0.5 k)

For this, the html page must invoke the service with the following syntax.

Very specifacally for your case it is,

Note, the service ACL must be set to Anonymous or else, the user id and pwd pop up comes.


You should not need to make the service anonymous, that’s a bad idea. It will work, but anyone can run your service without logging in, which is probably not what you want.

You do need to change the service ACL to a value that can be invoked by the user running the DSP. DSP permissions are set via a .access file in the directory containing the DSP.