How to integrate with webMethods IS or ES using DCOM

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I have one question about integration architecture. How the application server (e.g. Internet Banking) integrate with webMethods (either IS or ES) using DCOM?
As I know, they are the ActiveX/COM API for the ES. But this API must be installed at the client place, so we are prefer to use the DCOM rather than COM to integrate with ES. Did webMethods IS provided any DCOM API?

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I recommend you to look into the COM API and the design chart for your DCOM application.

webMethods allows methods in existing COM and DCOM objects to be invoked. Similarly, COM applications written in Visual Basic, Visual C++ or C# can call any services running on the webMethods Integration Platform. A single link provides a way for COM-based applications to access any application.

There are some interesting results if you do a Search Forums :DCOM here on wMUsers.