How to install MS SQL Server driver in SAPBC


How to install MS SQL Server driver in SAPBC

do you have the SQL Sever JDBC jars with you?

search the forum on any of these terms:
msbase.jar, mssqlserver.jar, msutil.jar


Yes iam having the jar files with me but where to place these jar files ?

and how to configure, pleae tell me the procedure to configure ?

  1. Read the SAP BC documentation.
  2. Post any specific questions you have if the documentation is unclear or incomplete.


we have gone through the documentation and kept msbase.jar, mssqlserver.jar, msutil.jar in sapbc\Is\lib folder, updated file and restarted the server but still we are getting error “No suitable driver”.

You don’t need to update the classpath in The script builds the classpath automatically.

Place the ms jar files in sapbc/IS/lib/jars

Can you post the connection settings you’re using? Incorrect settings there can result in the same message.

Hi reamon,

I have pasted the 3 jars files in sapbc/IS/lib/jars folder and

the connection settings which i gave

Alias: xyz
DB Username: xyz
DB Password
DB Driver:
Minimum Connections
Maximum Connections
Expiration Time (ms)
Loaded Drivers : (selected)

after this submitted and i have restarted the dev server

but still iam getting “No suitable driver error”

please suggest me names of few drivers to connect to SQL Server 2000.

we have used this driver DB Driver :