How to install Cognos to make it integrated with BAM

I’ve got wM7.1.1 Oracle image where no Cognos has been installed. I’ve downloaded cognos installation package and documentation to prepare for installation. The docs describes how to install Cognos as standalone product.
I have found no information about Cognos configuration regarding integration with wM BAM.

Could somebody provide me with information is that integration needed and where could I find information on that topic.
If both products need not to be integrated during installation, then who Cognos could be used with BAM gathered data.

Adam Szwajkajzer

I will send you some information through email.

Guys, Can you share this info pls ?. We are also looking at using cognos with Optimize. By the way can you also throw some light on what cognos can really provide in addition to the already embedded graphs that comes with optimize.



If you have any information about cognos integration, please share.