How to install Archive db Component?

Has anybody sucessfully installed Archive db Component?

I have installed all other db components with dbInstaller.bat, specifying all option. However, Archive was not installed with this? Do I have to installed it in a different schema from ProcessAudit? But installing with a different schema, some objects were invalid because it requires something from OperationManagement? Should I install OperationManagement for Archive schema first or should I just grant privileges to Archive schema?

Any steps to take before installing Archive?

It seems very confusing. The installation guide does not mention.

Thanks for any help.

I have the same problem than you did you find how to install it please.
Thank youuu

I find how to install it : -a create -d oracle -c Archive -v latest -l “jdbc:wm:oracle://:1521;serviceName=*” -u username -p password