how to insert datas into a table using portlet


I dont know how to insert datas into a table ( created in oracle )
after submitting the portlet view.
I have done with datasource configuration with MWS and JDBC configuration with IS and created a database connector too.
How to proceed further ?

manjula… can you please elaborate what you want to do exactly?

Thanks in Advance


I want to insert datas into tables created in oracle using Designer 7.0.
The datas should get inserted whenever I submit portlet.


In 7.0 you need to

  1. create jdbc connection pool in IS
  2. create adapter service to insert data into table in Developer
  3. create service connector in Designer
  4. create content provider in Designer
  5. create portlet using content provider in Designer

in 7.1. you can work with database directly from Designer|portal