How to initialize TN 6.0 database (MS SQL server)

I do not know how to initialize the TN database under SQL server. Previously with TN 4.6 I used the built-in database, which is apparently not an option with 6.0.

MS SQL Server is installed and functional.

The scripts to initialize the database are located in [webMethods6dir]\common\db\scripts\create. Instructions are in [webMethods6dir]\doc\webMethodsIntegrationPlatformInstallationGuide.pdf in the Preparing the Databases section (page 59 of my version).

I am confused.

I find the DB scripts for TN 4.6 in:

I also see scripts for TN 6.0 in

But the 6.0 scripts appear to be for migration, not initialization.

Oops. I see that the db scripts must be separately installed. I installed the scripts and ran the following one:

I set up the JDBC pools as follows:
Alias Name: TN
Driver Alias: DataDirect JDBC SQL Server Driver
URL: jdbc:sqlserver://rladson_laptop:5555;

User ID: (none)
Password: (none)

My attempts to connect to TN fail with both WmTNWeb and TNConsole.

WmTNWeb error: could not get host profile

TNConsole error:
“there was a database error fetching the model version information from your database”

You need to provide a valid username and password for your SQL server installation. I believe the default is sa/sql, but it could be different for your particular installation. The best way to confirm that this works is to use the SQL server tools to connect, thus confirming the username and password. If you have trouble with this, you’ll need to find someone who understands SQL server administration to help you - this isn’t the right forum for those sort of questions.