How to increase RegistryRepository JVM memory (Xms and Xmx)

Hi community,

I’m looking to increase these two parameters “java -Xmx -Xms” on the Crr (CentraSiteRegistryRepository).

I’ve been looking into the product configuration files and I’ve discovered the next.

These java parameters are mentioned on these files:


I’ve made the change in all these files (-Xmx from 256 to 512). Next I’ve stopped the RR, executed, and initiated the RegistryRepository, but does changes makes no effect. They stay on -Xmx=256.

Does anyone know about this?

Thank you so much in advance.

use the inoadmin command (in CentraSite/bin) to set the property “X-Tension Java Options”

C:\SoftwareAG910\CentraSite\bin>inoadmin setproperty CentraSite "X-Tension Java Options" "\SoftwareAG910\CentraSite/files/certs/\Softwa
reAG910\CentraSite/files/certs/" restart
INODST1781: Start of CentraSite server parameter modification on Windows
INODSI2271: Set parameter for server 'CentraSite'
INODSI1634: Successful completion

C:\SoftwareAG910\CentraSite\bin>inoadmin getproperty CentraSite "X-Tension Java Options" all
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ServerProperty Timestamp="2017-10-11 20:24:09">
  <Name>X-Tension Java Options</Name>
  <Description>Database specific JVM options can be entered here.</Description>
  <Value Type="string">
   <Default> -Xms256M -Xmx256M</Default>

Note the “@” in the value will be replaced with spaces when the value is applied at restart.

You can use “restart” instead of “norestart” when applying it and CentraSite will be restarted immediately. If norestart is used, the setting change will take place when the CSRR is next restarted.

Thank you so much Douglas.

It works perfectly.