How to increase Integration Server performance?

Hi Experts,

Our Integration Server is running at 90-100% CPU & running out f threads. Can you please suggest like what would be the optimal JVM & IS settings be?


Warrior S,

It depends on several factors and reviews the below, provide details on your webMethods platform

1> What is the current load/transactions per second? Estimated?
2> What components of webMethods suite you are currently using and what is the current architecture
3> Current JVM memory set on the IS? Try increasing this and see the results.
4> What is the thread pool configurations on your IS? Try tuning this and see the results.
5> Any OOM or errors encountered?

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What I did, and it helped is the following:


And it helped. This is just my local environment.

It is very important how many packages you have and how big they are (among others).


Below are the few points from my end which cause for Integration Server is running at 90-100% CPU.

Check GC collector - how long it is running
Identify is there any schedulers getting stuck everytime it runs
Also, identify service hangs or taking the long time to execute.
bad coding like infinity repeat step.


Please find below link to the tuning guide.