How to include the Instance Diagram Image as a subporlet in my CAF project

It is possible to include/reuse the process instance image (diagram) in my CAF project within my custom portlets or my task portlets (as a subporlet) so the users can see the progress of the process instance directly in the CAF application?
Someone has gotten? What is the url and parameters I have to use?


I am also building solution for similar requirement and here is my thread but no response yet. Keep me posted as well in case you build the same or get the information about inbuilt portlets alias & control parameters.

So far i have an approach to display the process image

  1. Set the custom id in process say transaction number or any unique value for each transaction which triggers process instance.
  2. Invoke the Service (pub.monitor.process.instance:getInstanceList) with custom ID as per Step No:1 and get the process instance id
  3. Invoke the Service (pub.monitor.process.instance:generateInstanceImage) by passing Process Instance ID obtained in Step 2 and generate the image.( Image path would be in output variables)
  4. In CAF , write a method to extract the image from the path obtained in Step:3 and display as per requirement.

Let me know in case u need any help here

Hi Alejandro Hellin,

You can include the inbuilt portlet in your application , please check the portlet and control parameters below

               [u]Alias   [/u]:[b][/b]

Control Parameters : instanceId

I only passed 'instanceId 'and ‘modelId’ as control parameters and it worked for me but the internal web service call (GetImageInfo)is having three parameters (“instanceId”, “modelId”, “deploymentVersion”)

I hope this answers your requirement.

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It works fine!!
And to complete the information, if you want the list of steps, the alias is: and the parameters are the same.

Thank you very much!.

Thanks Suman for suggesting it. I tried the same but getting below error, any idea on this -

Failed to evaluate binding expression: "#{activePageBean.drilldownJS} . Image View is available but not loaded

Hi Rohit,

There might be a chance where you are providing incorrect control parameters (must be case sensitive).


Hi Rohit

Did you try putting the inbuilt portlet outside your form?

This worked for me once.