How to include monitoring portlets in a new portlet?


I’m using MWS 7 and Designer.

I would like to include some process monitor portlets in a new porlet.

I’ve been told that I need to know:

  • uri of the portlet to include
  • expected property names
  • expected property values

I can discover the URI. For example: /meta/default/wm_bam_instance_errors/0000007477

But how do I know the necessary property names and how do I pass them to the included portlet? Is it using “Control Parameters”?

Or how do I pass the properties if I want to connect a portlet of mine to the existing monitoring portlet through a link instead of making the include? I’ve tried to use “Extended Portlet URL” with parameters, but without success. I’ve realized that the connection between the existing monitoring portlets are made with javascript calls instead of HTTP GET. Must I use javascript calls too?

Thanks in advance.
João Parreira