How to include dropdown values for an adapter service?


I have created an adapter service to connect to our backend resource. A few input fields for the adapter service are boolean and few have a restricted set of values. Thus, having dropdowns for the same would be great.

Pls. note - This is not similar to creating dropdowns for a variable using the Developer. I am referrring to creating to creating a list of values for the input variables of an adapter service using the wM adk.

I would appreciate help from members who have developed adapter services and help me out with an appropriate API.

Thanks in advance,


Were you creating a custom adapter using the ADK or using an adapter service in an existing adapter?


Hi Mark,

I have created a custom adapter using the ADK. I have used an adapter service template to create an adapter service. What I am looking for is perhaps an API where we can set a range of values for a resource domain value.