how to improve the performance of the services

can any body tell me abt how to improve the performance of the service

Can you be more specific ? like how is your services designed, which webMethods tools and datatype are you using in your services etc.

Obviously, your left-handed smoke sifter setting is not correct.

If you want to improve performance of services, you must make it execute faster…

Step 1. Determine that the performance of a service is an actual problem, rather than a perceived or anticipated one.

can’t help without complete information…
please provide more details…

All i can think is how to increase the performance of a flow service from a development point of view, if that is what you want then there you might want to go through the webMethods_Developer_User’s_Guide_7_1_1.pdf check on page 130 for “Maintaining state of the service” topic

“For performance reasons, you may want to configure these types of services to run in “stateless” mode. Services that run in “stateless” mode use fewer resources and do not consume a licensed seat on webMethods Integration Server.”

Also see if the Audit properties are set (page 140) and topic “Including the Pipeline in the Audit Log” on page 143. Also check for caching properties of services.