How to import the data from ADABAS to AWS Redshift using SQL Gateway/CONNX Driver?


We have a requirement to import the data from ADABAS Dataabase to AWS Redshift.

How to import the data from ADABAS to Redshift using SQL Gateway/CONNX Driver?

Could you please let me know the process?

Satyender Murahari
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You can write a program (Java, .Net) to use JDBC or ODBC to read the Adabas data and then write that data to the AWS Redshift database (Amazon says that Redshift can be accessed with JDBC or ODBC).

You may also want to consider using the Event Replication product, which will allow you to replicate database changes to Adabas to your AWS Redshift database in near real time.

You would need to setup Adabas SQL Gateway to define the files/tables you are going to access from Adabas, then write SQL calls through the CONNX driver. I would recommend getting assistance from Software AG Professional Services (yes, that’s who I work for) to help you get started if you are not familiar with it.

Thank you, Douglas Kelly, for your response.

Currently we are working with Software AG team. We are working with internal ADABAS team too to provide SYSOBJH files to configure or install CONNX.
I was looking something like database to database connectivity using JDBC driver.
I am not sure how this is going to be with CONNX tool which is using .cdd files to export the data.

I will keep you posted about the developments.

Thanks again.