How to implement cXML solution without Ariba OnRamp

Dear All,

Our customer wants to send purchase order to us by cXML, and we have to reply order confirmation. We use webMethods 6.1 without Ariba OnRamp. Anyone like to tell me how to how to implement cXML solution by webMethods? By the way, our customer needs https and digital signature. Thanks advance.


Is there a reason you don’t want to use the OnRamp? It will save you countless hours of development, testing and debugging. Implementing a cXML solution from scratch is doable, but probably ill-advised–especially since you’re asking for advice on how to do it.

Are you connecting to Ariba on the backend…??

You can get the DTD for the cXML and create the document definitions and schemas in Developer. When you get a cXML PO from your partner, process/map it internal and send the cXML confirmation.

HTTPS and digital certs can be setup in IS Admin. Refer to IS Admin user’s guide for more detail.


Thanks for your reply. We don’t need to connect Ariba. How to create a https request in webMethods Developer?

Review the wM-supplied documentation. If you have any specific questions, feel free to post them here.