How to implement a document-literal web service in 7.1.2


While working with wM 6.5, for generation of a WSDL to expose a service as a Document Literal web-service, i remember that the “Generate WSDL” wizard used to have some option for selecting the Input and the Output IS Document Structures when SOAP-MSG option is selected.

If I am not wrong, the wM 6.5 web-services developers guide also mentions that the pub.soap.utils:requestResponseSpec needs to be used in case of a Document-Literal web-service for defining the input and output parameters.

If I go by the same approach in 7.1.2 (with the difference that the option for selecting Input and Output IS Document structure was missing) and create a Provider and Consumer WSD’s and try to test the web-service using the connector, I am getting the “soapRequestData” and “soapResponseData” objects in the input and output respectively. In the case of 6.5, when we try to test a web-service from the connector generated from the WSDL we get the exact “Input and Output Documents” when we run the ws connector with values.

I tried searching the wM documentation but could not find anything in specific for a Document-Lit web-service. Hope I’m clear enough in explaining the problem i’m facing. Please help.


Were you able to review the example contained the sticky post in this forum? Scroll down for the 7.x example. Mark