How to identify the service Name from TaksID?


Is there any service to tell from the TaskID, which is belong that service like that?

We have built in service to get all TaskID’s. But didn’t find a service which give exact TaskID for that service. [We can get manually the TaskID from Scheduler page in IS, but need a service which gives the TaksID].

Scheduler TaskID’s gets stored in DB with service name? Table name pls [Checking one by one table in DB].


try to use this service:
it will give you both the task ID and service name, so you can corelate.

Hi Tongwang,

We can find the the exact service belong to which taskID by using

pub.scheduler:getTaskIDs which gives all taskID’s then loop over the taskIDs as input for this service pub.scheduler:getTaskInfo service which gives the service name. By this we can find the correct service for the taskID’s.

By the way, didn’t find this service wm.server.schedule:getUserTaskList in our developer. why is it? Do we need to install any other packages?


Sam, your way works.

in case you need to use wm.server.schedule:getUserTaskList:
the WmRoot package is hidden by default, you can use extended setting:
to turn it on.


Thanks a lot.