How to hide webMethods flow service source code

Does anyone here know, how to hide a flow service source code? I need to install some flow services, which contain proprietary business logic on one of our trading partner’s webMethods Integration Server. I am wondering, is there a way to hide flow service source code. I have seen webMethods doing it for Java services (e.g. PSUtilities) but not sure is it possible with flow services.


You can restrict the users from viewing the source code using the READ ACL priveleges. If you do not want to a set of people to view the source code for the flow service, then put them in a separate group and do not give them READ ACL. This way they wont have access to the code but can still execute it.

Just my 2 cents.


Hi Anitha,

I tested this in version 6.5 and it works! Thanks!! Do you know how to do this in Version 4.6 and 6.1? I dont see READ ACL priveleges on the flow service properties in 4.6.


Hi Rajan,

I am not sure of the version 4.6. However, READ ACL priv is available with 6.1

I just tested against my 6.1 server and it does work fine.

Do you not find this priv from your 6.1 server?



If you’re installing the code on your Trading Partner’s IS, I’m assuming they have Administrator rights to that server and/or access to the file system. If so, then if they really want to see the code, the ACL will be a very small obstacle to get around.

As far as the webMethods PS’s java services are concerned, they hide the source code via the ACL but also by only including class files in the packages (ie. no source code.) It still doesn’t prevent anyone from being able to read the code if they really want to.

  • Percio

Why must you install this code on your Trading Partner’s server again? If it’s proprietary business logic that belongs to your company, then why not have that logic sit on your server and have your Trading Partners invoke it from theirs?

  • Percio

I know its weired, but this is one of the clause in the contract. Thanks for your insight though ! I need to open a SR with webMethods support and ask for the solution.

If you don’t mind, please let us know if webMethods is able to help you further.