How to handle Large XML Data

Hi all,

How to handle Large XML data can i get any examples

Better idea is to use node iterator logic

Can i get any small examples if u can …Sai

try to do small POC like below. You can implement this logic any where after POC

Create XML document type in IS and follow below logic

-Hardcode largeXMldata to string(in map step)
-Convert XMLStringToStream/bytes(use pub services and i suggest to use handle as stream for large)
-Repeat step(Repeat on success)
–Main(inner main)
—try(inner try)
----ConverToValues(set ffschema"your xml schema", set iterate “true”& validate “true”)
-----Branch on isValid
------true(sequence wirte your logic)
-------branch on ffiterator
--------exit(label “$null” signal “SUCCESS”)
------default(write error logic)
—catch(inner catch)


Can you do a google, I bet you will find some blogs and tutorials on this. :slight_smile: