How to handle characters suchs as %d3

We currently receive some flat files that has international characters such as the one in this text “KONCÓWKIX1”. We are using IS 4.6 and when we pass a flat file that contains these types of characters with a flat file template to the wm.b2b.edi:convertToValues service, the service seems to drop the international characters along with several other records after it.

Has anyone had to deal with these types of characters and if so how have you handled them?

This is most likely a content encoding issue. IS defaults to using UTF-8. If someone is submitting docs that are not UTF-8 then that needs to be indicated in the http headers or the ftp put.

I am agree with Rob’s comment that it is an encoding issue. If you can not force trading partner to put UTF-8 encoding then you can take the file and convert into UTF-8 and then pass to wm.b2b.edi:convertToValues service. You can use bytesToString and specify UTF-8 encoding in input parameter to convert content into UTF-8.

Hi Daniel,

If you can’t deal with senders to set the right character set, you can pass the string through a filter that replace special characters with related non-special characters.



i have a problem with encoding i am uisng soaprpc to call the service of the onyx webservice.

my data is right before sending it to the soaprpc reqparams

but after this i tried to stop the iis i check my data what i am sending but there i have a strange chars.

please help me .