How to get whole ino:response?

I tried to look at the sample codes, but couldn’t find the coding teaching how to get the whole ino:response at the new Java API. Before, we could simply getResult to get it.

How can I do so? I don’t want to iterate one by one. In fact, I want to get the whole ino:response, ino:result subtree would be much preferred because I want to use XSLT to make the result to HTML page.

I’m using xerces’s dom, but not jdom.

Thanks for any help.

p.s. I’m still playing with it, but no success…


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You can use instead of the TXMLObjectAccessor the


TStreamAccessor accessor = connection.newStreamAccessor( TAccessLocation.newInstance(“ino:response”));

In this way you get the whole data without any preparation.