How to get the URL of the processInstance at runtime.

One of my project needs to get the URL for the process instance that is generated by MWS when we monitor a particular model.

Example: I tried some analysis on this and not able to get two elements in the URL.

i) When you goto MWS --> Monitoroing–> Process Models --> Then you get all the instances as per the selection.
ii) If you want to track the instance, then we will click on the instance and we get the full track of the Instance opened in a URL. eg.

Sample URL

Parsed URL
http://<mwsservername:port>(mws URL)
/ (static content)
?wmp5617.originationUrl=1271239094359 (No idea where from i get this Need to get insight of the same)
&wmp5618.deployVersion=2 (Version of Model Deployed- Get from Model api )
&wmp5618.modelId=TestBPM%2fTestBPM_v1_7ff (ModelID – database input “/” replaced with “%2f”)
&wmp5618.stepId= <>
&wmp5618.instanceId=780cc74047aa11df98b1db7b025797ad (database input)
&wmp5618.modelType=1 (Type of Model - Get from Model api)

I did some analysis and parsed the URL but not able to get two elements ie. originationUrl and the field name wmp5617.

Do we have any MWS api to retrieve this URL or generate the URL??

Any help is greatly appreciated.

The data is dynamically generated invoking WmMonitor services.

This services returns the data to MWS porlet, who generate the links.

Each time a process is triggered and executed, the processID changes,

I do not understand the purpose to get a fixed URI, as you need to get the data for a particular processID.

You can of course build your own porlet, using the monitor services to generate a particular view you need.

Thanks for your response and the requirement is to resubmit under custom search criteria via the source from custom table. we need to resubmit using the custom portlet developed and also to goto the mws link to see the status of a particular instance.

If we can get the view of the particular instance with step details and has option to resubmit, that also should suffice the requirement. Please do let me know how to get the view of a particular instance. Let me know if you have any reference userguide.

How the internal porlet works and builds url’s is not public.

You either choose to use the default porlets, or your custom ones.

If you have the requirement to create your own, you need to query WmMonitor built-in services. You have some services to get instances, steps, steps details.

And you have services to resubmit.

What you need to do is forget about standard porlets, and use those services with yours.

Thats a extra work I prefer not to do, and use default porlets with some nice skin for fancy look.

Thanks for your response. Got response from wM COE and got the URL template for my requirement.

http://{MWS Host}:{MWS Port}/{processkey}&wmp1.deployVersion={deployVersion}&wmp1.instanceId={instanceID}&wmp1.modelType=1

cool, thanks for sharing… its a valuable info.