How to get the particular value by Key as input from IS document

Hi Team,

I have a requirement that we have multiple number of config files(key=value) pairs to load into Integration Server memory for to use frequently. for this am using HashTable to strore the values in the Integration Server Memory.
if i will do same implementation for multiple files it causes Integration server Memory performance.

Please let me know the better approach for this.


Hi Vishnu,

did you consider increasing JVM memory in the server.{bat|sh}?

On the other side you can try to store these properties in IntegrationServer cache by using pub.cache:* services.
See IntegrationServer Built-In-Services Guide for details.


In addition to cache services, you can use Global Variables on IS

Are you sure we’re really talking about config files? I’ve never heard of config files being so large that when loaded into memory they cause performance problems. It’s counter-intuitive. How large are these files and how many are there?