How to get the object for a named subqueue per API


we have some process triggers in IS; for those triggers, named objects have been created in Universal Messaging.

If, in Enterprise Manager in the tree view, I click on the channel (which corresponds to the publishable doc type), I can in the right pane see the named objects and also, in another tab, the connections.

There is 1-to-1 relationship between the named objects and connections. API-wise, the conections are objects of type “nJoinInformation”. They have a property named “destination” which has a value like “/namedsubqueues/wm/is/wm/prt/dispatch/ProcessTransition/NamedSubscriber780”.

How can I retrieve that object per API? nRealmNode.findNode() does not deliever anything in this case.

My goal is to find out to what named object a connection belongs.