How to get the IS KPI??

Hi All,

Is it possible to find out the below mentioned on Integration server -

  1. JVM Heap Size
  2. Services in running state for longer time
  3. Hanged Thread
  4. Status of Scheduler.

It will be better if i get any built-in service for the above said. If no, do we have to write java service for the same.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Shreyus N

  1. JVM heap size - I do not understand what exactly you need - generally we can avoid these memory issues by increasing min/max memory in server.bat/


  1. Services in running state for longer time - if you are using TN, you can easily check the same using interface start and end time.

  2. Hanged threads - you can check hanged threads in heap space log.

Ex: hs_err_pid25977.log

6000000002fb0a60 JavaThread “webM Client TX Thread Pool” [_thread_blocked, id=279, lwp_id=7968579]
6000000002fa5760 JavaThread “webM Client TX Thread Pool” [_thread_blocked, id=278, lwp_id=7968578]

  1. Status of Scheduler - you can check this in service usage tab in IS admin page

Hi Sreekanth,

Thank you for your reply.

I agree to your answers, but however i am trying to develop a GUI which a person without WM knowledge will be able to access (i.e he is nt required to logon to IS admin page).

On this regard, can you please help me out on java code that on run time can give me a anwser for above said questions. I was able to write a java service for the 1st point (this java service when run gives me the memory details).


To know the scheduler status:

http://localhost:5555/invoke/pub.scheduler:getTaskInfo/execState?taskID=c9b4ac90-a4c1-11e1-ad63-b41942254d72 ( you have to provide the task ID of scheduler )

We have built in services available to check the memory and running services list- Please do refer built-in-service guide.

Thank you for your reply.

Can you please give me a solution for point no 3?, i.e 3) Hanged threads. Is there a built in service that will give the info on blocked threads?

No I guess… it is better approaching SAG support and request them for you query related package.

Under Unix: call kill -3 <java_process_id> (e.g. kill -3 5555). This will NOT kill your application. It will only write a stack trace to standard output.

In windows: