How to get the flow service properties?

Hi guys,
I want to get the properties of all the specified services,
for example, how to get the audit log setting of a flow service?

I only know one way that we may can loop all the folders under ns and search the file named node.ndf, then parse this file to get the values. But is there any other ways?When the package is loaded, I think all the property values should be also loaded into memory right? Is there any existing service I can invoke?

There are services in the WMRoot package for this:, but i’m not sure you are allowed to use it. Check with SAG first.

As tongwang said, you can use WmRoot service to get those information with only exception that, it is not officially supported by SAG, and existence/usage of this service is not guranteed in future versions of webMethods. Other than that, you are free to use.