how to get the file names by using extension

we are getting .zip file from target side, we are extracting that zip file and placing the files in one folder on server, those files are .xml and .tif files.
how to get the file names by using extension of the file in webMethods 7.1.

Software details:
webMethods7.1 and windows.

If I understand, you want to get the files from a directory on the basis of the the file extension.

You will to create a simple java service which will do the following

filter should be a object of a class which implements FilenameFilter interface. Check out the java API for more details.

Once you get the list of the file names , you can iterate over the list and get the individual files.


Why do you want to use a java service when you have webMethods services???

Have you looked in PSUtilities?Have you looked built-in service reference guide?

I don’t know enough about your requirements, but File Polling Port may be a good option here. Take a look at the Administrator’s guide.

  • Percio

Yes this service is their in PSUtilities → PSUtilities.file:listFiles.

Thank you jitengupta , thats exactly where i wanted pavankumar_22 to go look.
You need to do some more reading…i agree with Percio.

PSUtilities is done using java services :slight_smile: