How to get the body value with POST method REST

Hello everyone,

Do someone knows how we can retrieve the body value using POST method when we create a Rest resource through designer ?
It works when I define a parameter in my process.

For information, I used getTransportInfo.

Thank you.


Not exactly sure about your requirement, you can try the two options if that helps you.

1> tracePipeline to capture the payload passed into the pipeline
2> Add jsonStream as an input for _post and run pub.json:jsonStreamToDocument

Let me know if you have questions.

Hi Nicolas,

REST implementation (at least in 9.8 version) is more based on convention than on enforced rules.

This is not a bad thing because as a style REST is more “loose” than others.

Anyway, it might be as simple as defining a new input for the IS service that you expose.

I find this blog post very good and always reference it when dealing with REST cases: How to create a REST service in webMethods Integration Server - SOA rocks!

Go ahead an check it.

Let us know if it worked.