how to get personal task like inbox?

Hi expert,
I want to develop a webservice to get personal task like these tasks displayed in my inbox, is there some api to get todo list?


You can use services available in TaskClient package.
Create a fabric folder whuch looks similar to what you want and have WS getting called from a portlet which you will place in the fabric task.

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SearchTask is the service you will need to explore under taskClient.
You can still do this in CAF using javaAPI, but doing in IS will ease your development

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Hi Bari,
thanks for your reply, I have try some java service in TaskClient package, but no one is suitable to my case,for example, pub.task.taskclient:searchTasks can search task by some condition, I have tried to use ‘assignedToList’ field to filter,but sometimes task is assigned to some roles, ‘assignedToList’ field is remarked by role name instead of username.

Hi Bari,
thanks a lot,I got it, you are right, pub.task.taskclient:searchTasks works fine, the parameters I passed were wrong.

Glad it worked for you ?