how to get password and user name

may i know how to get a user name and password for
this link


I requested when I was in Sony, then in Johnson & Johnson and now in Mapfre. You have to write an email to from your company email (not personal email) explaining your charge and a brief description of your company. Thats works.

Advantage is no longer used and will be down in short.
You ned access to

Email to is used to ask licenses and product images only.

I had to learn this in the bad way :smiley:

Is true about Advantage will be down in short but I cant download products from Empower :frowning:
The Mexican SAG guys sent me the address [COLOR=#22229c][/color] and works for me, maybe I was lucky. :slight_smile:

hello ,
i hope this information will help me a lot
aashish :slight_smile: