How to get parent service name in debug mode(step)


Does anybody know how to get parent service name in debug mode(step) in the Developer?

I’ve tried to get this running.

If you just execute a flow that calls this functions, everything is working fine and I’m getting the right servicename. But if you run the parent flow in a debug mode (step) in the Developer you get “wm.server.flow:stepFlow” instead of the parent flow name.

help me plz.



Refer [URL=“”][/URL]

Seems like this is intended behavior, moreover while running service it’s normal output that is comming.

Puneet Saxena

hi, fortune maker

   can u just send the sample flow service or java service , in which u obtained the name of the parent service,


I created the java service

public static final void getParentServiceName(IData pipeline) throws ServiceException {
	IDataCursor cursor = pipeline.getCursor();
	String nsService = Service.getParentServiceName();
	if (nsService != null)
	  IDataUtil.put(cursor, "parentServiceName", nsService.toString());


why not using Built-In-Service pub.flow:getCallingService?

See IS Built-In-Services Reference for details.


More details:

Integration Server introduced the public service pub.flow:getCallingService that can be invoked from the calling child service and returns the service and package name of the parent service. The pub.flow:getCallingService service returns the following output parameters:

  • svcName - String (optional) Fully qualified namespace name of the parent service.
  • pkgName - String (optional) Package name of the parent service.

If pub.flow:getCallingService is invoked from a service that does not have a parent service (for example, if the service is a top-level service), Integration Server does not return the output parameters.

When running flow services in debug mode, Integration Server can retrieve parent service information from a calling child service.