How to Generate IS DocTypes in Runtime ?

Hi All

I am working on to generate DocTypes in runtime. Basically I have a EDMX file which I get from another system. I want to generate a Schema from EDMX and after generate DocTypes from the schema in runtime. I was searching for the existing API’s however could not find a suitable one to implement such a solution. I have checked the WmCloudStreams package. Since the adapter itself extracts the definitions and generates the document we should be able to do it so.
Do you have any idea if this is possible or not ?

Best Regards

Onur Fenar

Hi Onur,

Unfortunately there seems to be no public API for this feature.

You can explore the WmRoot package if there are services for creating DocTypes in IS.
Please be careful when using WmRoot services as they are not documented and might change without notice when applying fixes.