How to force a timeout on a flow step?

Hi all
In a flow service, I call the

We have encoutered a situation where this service freezes! There is no error, the service just hangs forever on the login call.
As far as we know, this can happen when the FTP server is starting or stopping: it accepts a connexion but “forgets” to validate the login?

Anyway, this is not acceptable because all of our services use the same process to login to an FTP server, which means that this situation Froze all of our production line.

Thus we have decided to timeout this service (if it has been running for 1 minute, just crash it on the spot and report an error, whatever state it is in).

I have tried the flow step timeout => it just sends an error after step completion but it is useless in my case.
I have tried the “timeout” fields of the login service => doesn’t seem to change anything, even if the login duration is far greater than the timeout.

So how could I do that? In java-for-dummies I would make my login in a thread that would be stopped by an external timer but this looks like a source of problems

Thank you all
Happy new year!


try to set the variable “newsession” to “yes” in the call pub.client.ftp:login. please let us know if it works. usually it happens when we trace, i think.