How to find out whether a process model was "execute enabled" at design time?


(since my question is related both to BPM and to Administration, I’ll post it to both forums.)

In wM 9.12, one of the properties of process models is “enable process for execution after deployment”.

Now assume we set this property to “false” in the process model and deploy it (I mean deploy via Deployer, not just “build&upload”). After this action, the process model should be present but not be enabled for execution in the target environment.

Now we go to MWS, Admin area, and enable the process model for execution.

And now the question: Is it still possible to find out how the “enable process for execution after deployment” property is (was) set in the process model?

In the earlier versions of wM this property was stored in the .process file, but now it seems to have been moved to the accompanying .config file which AFAIK is not present in the runtime.

Thank you for any hints.


I am pretty sure, that this should be either in the process engine database or somewhere in the generated package as otherwise the Deployer won´t have no knowledge about this property during deployment time.

The same information applies to the “enable for analytics after deployment” property.


This information is put into acdl files which are available to the deployer. It can also be adjusted via variable substitution. But I could not find it in the runtime. If you find it please let me know.

Note that I’m interested in the originally deployed state, not in the current state (which might have been changed manually after the deployment).


I found the string “” both on the NAME.process and the NAME.config files.

I don’t know which takes precedence.

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Gerardo, thank you for the information.

Where can I find those file (in particular, the .config one) in the runtime?

Thank you.


I don’t think they exist on runtime; they are converted into values on deployment and stored on the database, look on the process definition table for the BLOB contained there.

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