How to find on which Operating System our IS is running


Our IS is running at our client location, I have only Developer ACL.
Is there any way to find out on which Operating System that IS is running.


UNIX directories are case sensitive, Integration Servers running in a
UNIX environment will allow packages with similar names to reside on the same server.
eg: I created a UserPackage, userpackage in UNIX successfully, but if I try to create the same in WINDOWS, IS will not allow for creating the package.

By this I think u can find on which OS u r running the IS.

Hi mratala,

Thanks for your information I think your solution will work but i got it in another way.

In developer go to “Help” Tab in that select “Support Information” a pop window will open, look for Server Environment settings, in that you can find find the OS and OS version.

Thats good,

Server Environment Settings are the contents of the IS about page.:happy:



You can run the below mentioned service to get the required details

getSystemAttributes ( wmRoot—> Server—> query)



Can the service wm.server.query.getSystemAttributes be viewed from Developer? I used the Administrator id to see from Developer, but couldn’t find this service.

I used Administrator and this service displayed the “IS About page” results, where we can see the OS.


The services in the wm.server folder (WmRoot package) are not normally viewable in Developer–search other threads for making this package visible in Developer (doing so is not recommended).

In Developer, select Help | Support Information from the menu when connected to the server of interest. The information in the dialog contains exactly what is displayed on the IS Administrator About page.

Or are you interested in retrieving this information for purposes other than simply knowing the server environment details?


I’m trying to find out from experts the possible ways to know the server information from developer only.