how to find dependent and reference of PACKAGE ,as getDependent service and APIs are obsolete

Hi techies,

I am trying to find out the dependent of given package. I don’t wanted to manually specify dependent of each package in its properties. As wMRoot folder getDependent & getReference services are obsolete I have implemented JAVA code and there I’ve used getDependent/getReference APIs but that service is not giving correct result.
Can any one of you please help Is there any other way by which we can list down all the componets (Docs,Schema,Adpaters,service) of given package and find dependent/reference.
P.S. : I am using wM 9.9 version


Hi Swapnil,

you can try Deployer to achieve this.

In Deployer create a Deployment Project containing a Deployment set of type “IS & TN” and connect it your source server.
Then select the package you want to the outgoing dependencies (objects in other packages which are used in this package).
Then click on “Unresolvede Dependencies” and introspect the findings in the right column.


thank you for reply Holger. But I wanted to create utility which will give me result before hand as many time deployer is not that much supportive or efficient.

Hi Swapnil,

can explain your concerns about deployer not being that much supportive or efficient a litlle bit deeper please?

I use Deployer for several years now and I was always satisfied with its findings which I have then investigated in detail using Designer and its “Find Dependents” and “Find References” functions.


Hi Holger,
It’s project requirement as we have a big team & it’s not feasible for us to access deployer everytime for using package dependecy .We are in a search of ;where we will run utility and it will give package dependecy before sending any deployment request.
I am using some APIs provided by SAG

Package pkg=PackageManager.getPackage(packageName);
Enumeration element= pkg.getLoaded();

but problem is here elements are only giving me flowServices and not all the elements inside that package like docs,schemas,adapters etc.

can you please help is their any APIs by which I can list down all the elements of given package.