How to extract result on a table

Hi everybody,

I’am new in CAF, i have a service who get data from a table on database,
I wanna use this service to put data on a table controle on a caf view,
I created a web service descriptor for my service, then i generated a web service connector for the wsd, my service gets name and age from the table personne, i tried to use a new data with table content provider but i got nothing when i run my portlet on the mws.
if someone knows how to do that, plz expalain me with mor edetails :wink:

Thanks and regards

Hello dayski. if I understand your information are not displayed in your table. You can try this solution to solve this issue:

  • create an provider make an right click in your webService descriptor in output–> results
  • map in the value table to your privider
  • if is just a conslt page you can put your webService descriptor “autorefresh to true”, or create an Asynchrone Button and map it to the refresh Action of your webService descriptor.

I hope that will help you

Best regards